2016 Oyster Festival

Our fest on 5th November 2016 was amazing. Thank you to everyone who came and supported. We’ll see you next year!

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2016 Te Matuku Oyster Festival Ang Sarap Review.


It all started one fine day in Auckland Ferry Terminal
around 9:00 AM when I grabbed our VIP Tickets, the past few days was
quite rainy but now the sun came out, it was still breezy but not that
cold, it was a perfect day.


Ferry was on time so we departed exactly at 9:30 AM, I saw several
people having the same VIP lanyards as us and it looks like there were a
few who were chosen. 45 minutes later we arrived at the beautiful
island of Waiheke.


Our lanyards were our ticket for the coaches to transfer us to the
event along with other 20 or so VIP guests. As we waited for the bus to
depart our amazing tour guide who also was our bus driver asked everyone
to introduce ourselves. Starting from the left front row going in
circles, I was surprised that I was with representatives from the best
restaurants in Auckland like Meredith’s and Woodpecker Hill to name some, and what’s even better I was the only food blogger in there.

We then departed and got a tour around the island, it was a good ride and Fuller’s
had chosen the best driver for us, our guide was very informative,
entertaining and very funny. There was no dull moment in that tour. Few
minutes later we arrived the Rangihoua Estate, the place where the event will be held.


We were the first ones to arrive, in fact the VIPs are an hour early
before the real event. We were greeted with lots of smiles and a very
warm hospitality. Oysters, wine and beer started flowing and we were
initially served 3 oysters per person and a glass of wine or beer but
that’s just the beginning. After that first three, the servings
continued so in that span of 30 minutes I guess I had the most oysters I
had in my life and 3 glasses of wine.

2016 Te Matuku Oyster Festival – Waiheke Island

The only thing that could be better eating than fresh, juicy and plump oysters is having them on Waiheke Island!

Come along to the world-famous Te Matuku Oyster Festival at midday on Saturday 5th November to experience the most delicious oysters in the country, and have a great day out.

Fresh as you can get

Te Matuku’s Pacific oysters, highly prized by oyster lovers from all over New Zealand, are farmed in the crystal clear waters of the marine reserve at Te Matuku Bay on Waiheke. They’ll be shucked at the festival, ready for cooking in a variety of ways, or just au naturel: you won’t get any fresher than that!

Celebrity chef demonstrations

Join celebrity chefs Martin Bosley, Julie Biuso and Paulie Hooton for cooking demos and the chance to come up with your own Te Matuku “master chef” recipe.


Waiheke is the Island of Wine and you won’t be disappointed with Passage Sauvignon Blanc on or Batch “Fizz”: perfect matches with succulent oysters. Beer lovers won’t miss out with great craft brews from Waiheke’s own Alibi Brewing Company at Tantalus Estate.

Food & Sounds

Foodies will delight in a fine array of gourmet morsels from Waiheke’s artisan food providers. And when you’re sampling all the fine fare, be entertained by bands ROOK and DragonFly, while enjoying the lush and laid-back setting of Rangihoua Estate.

Tickets & travel to Waiheke

It couldn’t be easier or more fun to take a day-trip to Waiheke for the Te Matuku Oyster Festival. Simply book your $80 Fullers Festival Packagewww.fullers.co.nz (which includes festival, ferry and bus tickets) or buy your $45 festival ticket through Te Matuku. www.tematukuoysters.co.nz

Your $45 festival ticket includes your first 3 oysters, a festival glass and a wine or beer.

Need to know

What: Te Matuku Oyster Festival on Waiheke Island

When: Saturday 5th November, 2016

Where: Rangihoua Estate, Waiheke Island

How to get there: 35 minutes on a Fullers ferry

Cost: $45 entry fee (includes festival glass, first drink and 3 oysters), $80 package (entry free, Fullers ferry, transfers to and from event, a festival glass plus first drink and 3 oysters)

Contact info@tematukuoysters.co.nz or book online at tematukuoysters.co.nz or fullers.co.nz