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Te Matuku Bay

The story of Te Matuku Oysters is a story of two families – the Fenwicks and the Upchurches – who together created an oyster farming business in one of the most beautiful settings in New Zealand and deliver their deliciously fresh oysters to the country’s most discerning restaurants.

More importantly, they set to work to create a marine reserve of the pristine Te Matuku mangrove forest and estuary and to include Passage Rock in Tamaki Strait. And within that area sat several oyster farm leases that had been there since 1971, derelict for much of the time. Rob, later knighted for his services to business and the natural environment formed a company , with former partner Phil Preece, that acquired two of the leases and embarked on a mission to create the most environmentally sustainable farm for producing Pacific oysters in New Zealand.

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